Drawing, in my experience, is the ideal medium to explore and give shape to my ideas or my mood.

This is also how I make my living; drawing!

I am an artist who loves to work.

I like to experiment with all kinds of traditional and digital media.

I usually listen to all kinds of music while drawing.

I am an inveterate music lover, I love jazz, classical music, rock and all its subgenres, world music and movie soundtracks.

I like to cook

Sometimes I think I could have gone into the kitchen and fantasize about being a neurotic, tattooed, perfectionist chef like in the movies.

Me gusta comer, leer, y caminar en la naturaleza.
No necesariamente en ese orden.

I was born in Mexico City when you could walk down the street at any time without fear.

In those days, mothers were usually housewives and fathers worked all day.

We were a typical middle class family and I was the youngest of three, also the only boy.

I was lucky enough to grow up among women.

One day my father who worked as an accountant in a paper factory came home with a huge box with a thousand sheets of white Bond paper and told me; this is for you, you can use as many sheets as you want to draw.

The thousand folios were finished decades ago, but I could never stop drawing.

I have lived for short periods of time in some cities such as San Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas. Florence, Bangkok and Havana.

But the three cities of my life are:


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